Sales Process Audit

Comprehensive analysis of sales systems and structures

Sales are one of the key factors of customer traffic.

BFC works to identify and resolve failures in sales systems and structure, ultimately helping organizations achieve their sales goals.

Sales Process Auditing


  • Identifies reasons for low and/or falling customer traffic and sales
  • Helps sales staff reach and exceed sales targets
  • Provides an external evaluation of front office performance
  • Includes recommendations for standardized sales approaches that work
  • Evaluates sales monitoring and control systems

Sales Process Audit Components

  • Sales strategies, procedures and organizational structures evaluation
  • Sales planning and monitoring analysis
  • Product offering (as compared to key competitors) analysis
  • Quality of sales research (via mystery shoppers)
  • Recommendations for sales improvement measures
  • Support in recommendation implementation

BFC approach to Sales Process Auditing

Phase 1

Setting project goals

Discussion of the company's strategic goals, key products, sales channels and sales quality assessment indicators

Phase 2

Analysis of existing sales systems and structures

  • Internal policies, procedures and sales standards
  • Sales staff job descriptions
  • Staff training system
  • Approaches for sales budgeting
  • Product offering
  • CRM and other reporting tools

Phase 3

Mystery shopping research

Research into the key sales channels for both the company and its key competitors through the use of mystery shoppers (local BFC consultants with relevant experience in financial institutions), including:

  • Competence of front office staff
  • Quality of client communications
  • Sales staff motivation
  • Approaches to the collection of customer contact information
  • Knowledge of products and processes

Phase 4

Consolidation of information received

Development of a report containing audit results and improvement recommendations

Phase 5

Conclusions and recommendations

Presentation of key findings and recommendations for top management and department heads

Phase 6


Online consultations for staff involved in the implementation of the proposed and accepted recommendations

BFC international studies

BFC conducted a series of extensive studies using the mystery shopper method at dozens of financial institutions in a number of countries between 2017 and 2019, which included the use of a wide variety of indicators and criteria. A sampling of the results from these studies is presented below:

  Nepal Serbia Moldova Kyrgyzstan
Share of officers who obtained client contact information“Banks and lending institutions spend significant resources to increase the number of incoming clients, meaning that the acquisition of each client has an associated cost. If client contact information is not properly obtained and stored, all those expenses could be wasted.” 45% 81% 62% 21%
Share of officers who completed a follow-up attempt with a client after a meeting“Obtaining client contact information is only the first step. In order to successfully realize a sale, follow-up contact is often required. The fewer follow-ups completed, the less the sales hit rate will be.” 0% 27% 11% 0%
Share of officers who attempted cross-sales“Despite many banks and lending institutions purportedly placing an importance on cross-selling non-credit products, the results of recent assessments indicate the opposite – with the well-structured control and implementation of cross-sales standards in many markets still at the initial stage of development.” 5% 80% 20% 14%
Share of officers who fully answered all client questions“The competence of sales staff must be a high level. This can be achieved in one of two ways: by hiring external, highly-qualified staff (the more expensive option) or by implementing sales standards, scripts and a regular coaching schedule for internal sale staff (the more reasonable and efficient option).” 72% 60% 37% 28%


Quantitative effect:


sales growth using “point transformations”


sales growth with complex implementations


increase in cross-sales


sales conversion rates increase

Qualitative effect:

Objective and independent analysis of front office staff performance as compared to that of key competitors

Optimization of the sales process

Increased effectiveness of sales staff performance

Unified sales standards

Strengthened market position

Rapid sales process audit for lending

Simply answer 15 short questions to obtain a rapid sales process assessment of your credit department (it only takes about 15 minutes).

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As BFC offers unique solutions to our client’s needs, we do not sell a fully-packaged product. Instead, we work with our clients to create a unique solution that works for them.

The cost of services usually depends on the components of the analysis, the scope of study, clients goals, customer segments, the market and the products analyzed. However, we do everything in our power to provide our clients with the best possible prices and the highest quality products and services.

Contact person:

Andrey Taranuschenko
Sales Quality Management Expert

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